Digital marketing is constantly evolving. The changes are so rapid that they are sometimes even difficult to follow. Regular monitoring is necessary to know and follow marketing trends from one year to the next.

Marketing is a set of methods and tools that will allow you to analyze your market, position your offer and promote it optimally. New technological advances allow companies to evolve, but you still need to stay informed to know the tools to master. What will be the main marketing trends in 2020? You will know everything.

Here is 7 Major Marketing Trends In 2020:

1. User-Generated Content

The big brands have understood that potential customers are more easily convinced by the opinions of other users than by conventional advertising. These include the results of a recent marketing survey conducted in the United States.

Publishing and sharing the content of the customers themselves therefore becomes an interesting marketing technique for your business. What better publicity than giving the floor to a satisfied customer, right?

2. An Omni Channel Purchasing Journey

The objective of setting up an Omni channel purchasing path is to maximize and streamline the prospect’s journey. While multichannel enabled multiple points of contact between a brand and a customer, Omni channel optimizes the customer experience. It makes it possible to associate physical points of sale and digital points of contact to facilitate the purchasing process.

Internet users use an average of 3 different devices to connect to the internet. It is therefore a question of improving the performance of commercial solicitations, whether by distributing newsletters, content on social networks or on websites.

3. Geolocation

The geolocation system allows you to position a person or an object on a map using its geographic coordinates. More and more marketers are using geolocation to target their promotions.

This technology makes it possible to determine the position of the consumer in order to transmit targeted and personalized information to him.

This system therefore adapts to consumers and their habits, they are becoming more nomadic and always connected. Geolocation in particular makes it possible to encourage potential customers to go to a point of sale, close to them, in real time.

4. Podcasts

Marketing podcasts are growing. It’s a handy technique for giving advice, tips or doing interviews related to your market.

This audio system responds to a growing demand from users for a need for intellectualization and learning. The podcast could thwart social networks that are likely to contribute to a form of intellectual pollution due to an overflow of information.

Offering podcasts to your target audience can be seen as adding value to your business.

5. Build On Authenticity

More than ever, the authenticity and honesty of a brand is appreciated by the customer. It helps build confidence and facilitate purchasing.

This involves the various interactions with your audience, whether online or in person. Communication must contribute positively to your brand, the objective being to attract customers who will want to stay by your side to participate in the development of your business.

6. First Party Data

First party data corresponds to data collected by advertisers and media agencies. This data has become a key element in providing a personalized relationship.

Consumers are justly ready to give more personal information in exchange for further personalization of the service delivered by a company or brand.

Data analysis will therefore be more and more complex to ensure an increasingly personalized service.

7. Improved Visual Content

Dynamic and interactive photos are used more and more in communication. With ever more popular platforms such as Youtube, Instagram or Snapchat, the visuals will be more and more breathtaking.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that networks are constantly acquiring new features to create ever more attractive visuals. New voice and visual technologies continue to be implemented. According to some specialists, it is on the Tiktok platform that brands will have to be present in 2020.

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