Four Types Of Kitchen To Know While Kitchen Remodeling

When planning the kitchen, it is important to consider both your own cooking habits and the possibilities of the room and to incorporate both into the planning in order to optimally use the space and fulfill every kitchen dream with kitchen remodel san Francisco!

L-Kitchen / Corner Kitchen

The L-kitchen is also a very classic form of kitchen that is used frequently. It fits perfectly in closed or semi-open spaces. The design options are diverse: either the kitchen is attached to two walls or one leg of the kitchen protrudes into the room. L-kitchens fit into smaller as well as larger rooms and are ideal for keeping commuting to a minimum. The solutions for the corner cupboard are interesting for an L-shaped kitchen. There are many design options, such as a cheaper semi-closet, up to rotating shelves.


• Lots of storage space and lots of workspace at the same time

• Fits almost every room


• When cooking, the view is mostly on the wall and not on the room.

Corner Kitchens

If space allows it, fitted kitchens in an L-shape are the space miracle par excellence. If you can use two walls in the kitchen, you benefit in several ways from the corner kitchens. Because the corner of the room can be optimally used in these kitchens and provided with pull-outs and circular solutions to create more storage space. Corner kitchens are available from XYZ in various styles and can also be easily adapted to your taste, color requirements, and the rest of the furnishings.

Subway Kitchen

A U-kitchen is the perfect family kitchen because it offers plenty of storage space and the possibility to cook with many people. However, this type of kitchen also requires a slightly larger room size and is most suitable for square kitchens. The interior between the U-shaped kitchen units should be approx. 2 m so that all devices, cabinet doors and drawers can be opened and used optimally. The work areas should not be too far apart and should also form a “magic triangle”. If tall cupboards are to be integrated in the planning, it is often best to only plan them on one of the three sides so that they do not become too narrow. In a U-shaped kitchen there is not only one corner cupboard as with L-shaped kitchen, but two corner cupboards with plenty of space that can be used sensibly.


• Lots of storage options

• A dining area can be integrated on an open leg


• The U-shape requires space and cannot be integrated in rooms with multiple doors

• A dining area with a table is often difficult to integrate directly into the kitchen.

• Underground kitchens

Kitchen Islands

Cooking together with family and friends is particularly enjoyable with a kitchen island because everyone in a kitchen with an island can help out diligently. Let yourself be inspired by our most beautiful kitchen islands. Our kitchen consultants take on the individual planning and adaptation of the kitchen island – with advice in the kitchen studio or conveniently at home.


• The freestanding area where several people can work

• Counter possible as a seat


• Only suitable for large rooms from 15 square meters

• Water and electrical connections may have to be routed to the island beforehand

As soon as you have decided together with kitchen remodeling san francisco which type of kitchen is right for you, you can start planning further!

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