GitHub- The Best Platform For Enterprise SEO

Want your website to be more visible on the search engine? Don’t know how to optimize your website for search engines? Worry no more for here is the solution to your problem –  you can use GitHub for enterprise SEO. We are going to discuss a few ways of how GitHub supports enterprise SEO.

You might have heard from your engineer friends about GitHub and wondered what exactly it is. For understanding GitHub, you have to first know about Git.

Let’s understand what Git is

Git is like a storage space where the working copy of the code of every programmer is stored along with details of the changes made earlier. It is shared between programmers all over the world. This allows them to collaborate with each other by making changes easily.

It also ensures the security of the data stored. Git was developed to allow large-scale business sites to easily manage version control.

GitHub and its uses

GitHub is just like a social networking platform for programmers where they share and publish codes. It is a Git storehouse hosting service. GitHub is a web-based graphical interface that allows access control and provides several features for collaboration.

GitHub is one of the best ways to collaborate with more than one team and control all the versions in a single location.

GitHub has features like wikis, coordinating teams, etc., which allows the members to learn, share and work together. GitHub can be used to manage Word documents, Final Cut projects, and files related to SEO.

What is Enterprise SEO?

An enterprise SEO is responsible for reviewing the search data and trends and other related resources. They provide advice to the entire team on how they should optimize their website for more visibility on the search engine. They require a specific skill set and knowledge for this task.

How GitHub facilitates Enterprise SEO.

Besides offering several facilities to engineers, GitHub also has several features for enterprise-level SEO. Here are a few ways of how GitHub supports SEO:

  • Allowing team discussions: Companies have several departments that need to be connected. Many enterprise organizations or companies have more than one SEO team. These teams need to stay connected and discuss their works with each other. GitHub allows these teams to stay connected by their team discussion feature.
  • GitHub wikis: Wikis provide information about different topics related to SEO. In almost all companies and organizations, enterprise SEO is responsible for communicating across the company. GitHub wikis offer a great variety of information that can be used for adding basic and frequently asked questions regarding SEO related to the organization.
  • Information provided in GitHub pages: As we have mentioned earlier, GitHub pages contain several working codes from different programmers. The pages also provide information to the SEO and marketing teams of companies. These resources can be used by them to develop their works without depending much on engineers.

In GitHub, there is a great variety of information from open source communities which can be used for scripts. Here are a few of those resources which can assist with your SEO:

  • Lighthouse Reports in Gist:  This is an open-source Google tool. It can be used to check the number of views of your site’s pages. Lighthouse focuses mainly on mobile sites and web applications.

The reports are generally based on the site’s accessibility, performance, and SEO. Lighthouse provides valuable resources to boost the performance of any site. It provides a detailed result explaining each area along with guidance and advice for improving the performance.

The results are produced in JSON files, but there is also the option of sharing the results as GitHub Gist. This option can be used if you don’t want JSON files.

Creating, adding, modifying, and deleting a Gist is extremely easy. The work can be done directly in the browser, and there is no need for installing any software.

  • Image optimization: Large sized images are the major factor for slowing down the site’s pages. It is recommended to use images of smaller size. There are plenty of tools available in GitHub for this purpose. These tools can be used for optimizing the images in such a way that it does not affect the site’s speed. Users have the option of optimizing a single image or multiple images depending on their needs.
  • Tools for analyzing SEO: There are severaltools and software available in GitHub, which checks for any SEO issues present on the website. These tools generally use Python script or any other script to search the entire site, analyze the structure and word count, and warn the site owner if there is any technical SEO issue. They also provide the necessary solution to the problem. All the SEO analyzing tools charge a small fee for their work.

From efficient communicating with the team to developing works to the full potential, GitHub has some features for both small and large SEO teams. No wonder GitHub has over 50 million users, and the number is increasing every day.

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