How To Find Cheap Flights With Google Flights?

Google has long offered its own Google Flights flight search engine, which can display great results and lots of great deals. Read on to learn how Google Flights can help you find cheap flights.

How Does Flight Search Work With Google Flights?

As with other flight search engines, you can use Google Flights to search for many different flight connections by entering a point of departure and arrival.

If you are flexible in choosing your destination or your travel date, Google also has very intuitive functions that make it easier to find the lowest price.

Enter Departure And Destination

Google Flights offers an interesting function: the tool allows, among other things, to include several airports in a search, both departing and arriving. You can enter up to seven airports in the corresponding columns so that you can see up to 49 different routes.

The search is quick since the airfares are stored in the search engine. However, it is important to note that some prices displayed by Google Flights may no longer be up to date. It sometimes happens that the price of the plane ticket increases during the last stage of reservation.

See Prices Directly In The Calendar

This function is also one of the most practical functions of Google. If you already have a destination in mind but are flexible on dates, you can plan your flights according to the cheapest days.

After entering your starting point and destination, you can see the prices under each calendar date and see the cheapest air connection. The prices marked in green are the cheapest dates.

It is also possible to display the prices of flights in Premium Economy or Business class. To do this, you must first select the appropriate travel class at the top of the page. If you are travelling in a group, you can select the number of passengers. This option will allow you to see the total price.

Filter Options

After defining your data, Google will show you all the possible flights. Since there may be a long list of search results, you can filter the results.

You can choose airlines, alliances, such as Oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam, number of stops and departure time. This option is useful if you want to fly with a certain airline alliance, but only the results of low-cost airlines appear in the first results.

Another interesting option is the Nearby Airports functionIt will allow you to take a look at other nearby destinations and see if it is cheaper to land elsewhere.

Just like when you choose a departure airport, Google can also suggest alternative airports from where you could leave and save.

After filtering the flight results, you should see a list of flights that match your preferences. At the top, you will see three flight options which, according to Google, are the best options in terms of travel time and price.

If you are looking for the cheapest flight, it is usually necessary to scroll down a bit to find the corresponding flights. The cheapest flights are always shown in green; they are therefore always very easy to find.

After selecting an outbound flight, you can now select a return flight on the same principle. You will then receive the total price of the trip, which is the price you should have seen at the start. However, as we mentioned earlier, prices can sometimes differ. Indeed, it may turn out that some seats have been sold in the meantime.

Know The Flight Details

Google Flights can also help you select a flight because it displays more detailed information about an air route after clicking on it. All the information is well organized, so everything is easily accessible.

can see, among other things, the flight hours, flight numbers as well as the transfer time if there is a change. You can also check the travel class and the operational airline. The aircraft type is also visible, but it can be changed at any time for possible reasons.

What is more, it is possible to have information about the seat and the equipment on board. The distance between the seats and all the services available are indicated on the right side of the corresponding flight. You will have access to all the information on the entertainment system, WiFi on board, electrical outlets as well as USB charges and much more.

Discover New Destinations

Another unique feature of Google Flights is the interactive map mode. Here, after entering the departure airport and the approximate date of the trip, you can receive suggestions for cities on a continent or even around the world.

To access this mode, simply leave the field to enter an empty destination and start the search. Google will then automatically switch to map mode. In this mode, you can zoom in or out and drag the map in any direction to see prices for flights around the world.

Therefore, if you are only looking for cheap flights and don’t care about the destination, we highly recommend Google Flights.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Finding Flights With Google Flights?

What Are The Benefits Of Google Flights?

Fastest flight search engine

Intuitive operation

Flight information display

Search for suitable destinations with map mode possible

Ability to select multiple departures and destination airports

Research over longer periods of time

What Are The Disadvantages Of Google Flights?

Higher prices than on other booking platforms

Few sites available for reservations

Sometimes wrong prices

The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, especially since most of the weak points are of little importance in daily use. Google Flights is unbeatable for finding flights and the search speed is also far ahead of other competitors.

You rarely get the cheapest price here, however, so it’s worth using another portal, like momondo.

Find Cheap Flights With Google Flights At A Glance

Google Flights makes finding flights easy. The site is indeed very intuitive. What’s more, you can even book directly from the platform. If you want to explore the world and you are looking for a cheap flight, Google Flights is the tool for you.

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