Social Media Marketing Vs SEO: Which One Is Better!

Both social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are considered as effective marketing approaches for promoting your brand or business in the market. These inbound channels are very different from each other and both are capable of directing audiences to a website to increase its visitor count.

Most businesses know that the search engines give a huge priority to their web properties if you use their algorithms and strategies correctly. These strategies will not only provide traffic but also convert this traffic into leads and sales. Google still leads the different SEO packages and other ways to provide the best bang in affordable bucks. And, this can be possible if you have a huge user base and market share.

So, whether you focus on the efforts of SEO or SMM, make sure your website receives the amazing results. You must know that the experts of the best SEO Company in Bangkok follow the exact rules and regulations of online marketing so your website can achieve more and stand among the leaders.

But what strategy brings the most traffic referrals? Which should you choose to invest in? Where does each strategy stand? Which can bring you the best results? Can you use both SEO and SMM to get the traffic you want? In order to understand this fully, it is important to define where the lines are drawn between them. Before this, you must know about these powerful digital marketing strategies.

Which Is Better – Social Media Marketing VS Search Engine Optimization?

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a set of methods and techniques that promote web traffic. It optimizes a website through several vital aspects like backlinks, meta-tags, and authentic content. The process of search engine optimization may incur costs, depending on the competitiveness of the market you are targeting. The overall aim of SEO is to attract relevant visitors, so they show their interest in your products/services.

What Is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a way to connect and build relationships with your consumers. It is an effective way to get more traffic. The social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. It strengthens the bond between customers and brands, so it further creates more engagement. In addition, it encourages readers to share or mention the information in their social media networks too.

However, let’s have a look at the following information which is better.


• Perform Better In Organic Search

Both SEO and SMM are effective for obtaining the desired results. Social media signals do not influence site rankings and SEO is not effective without harnessing social media channels. By receiving the majority of website visitors from social media channels, a business owner can achieve the desired results. SMM focused blogs perform better in organic search, whereas SEO-focused blogs are not considered as such effective. The SMM blogs receive a high level of engagements from social media. It allows to get more backlinks and referral traffic, which helps to rank higher organically.

Another big benefit of using social media is that it can help you gain more influence as well as grow your business across the world. And although social media has little direct influence over your search engine optimization Bangkok ranking, it can help your SEO indirectly. In addition, SEO also helps build trust with audiences as your website’s domain authority grows. Another benefit to SEO is that your results are easy to measure and monitor.

• Audience And Intent

Knowing user intents is possible in both cases. Whether you are trying to approach your customers through social media or SEO, you must know what your customers actually need. Usually, people click around or browse the information they actually need. The visitors of social media will easily find such information in recent news feeds and share and spread the awareness about your brand among others. This means, the social fans and followers of your brand will automatically influence the potential buyers by sharing the post.

On the other hand, SEO allows you to know what your potential customer is actually thinking. It provides an overall idea about who they are and what they are actually looking for. Due to this reason, visitors from search are more likely to be ready to buy but less likely to share and interact.

• Speed Of Results

Which tool is best to show you immediate results? As you know social media posts appear instantly and show the results within minutes. The more people will see your posts, the more likely it will increase the leads and sales of your business. One of the nice sides of social media is peer recommendations, which occurs when someone likes your page, tags your brand name and shares it further.

When someone performs such activities, their connections will automatically discover your business and perceive the actual results. SEO is slow but popular for providing better results. Search engines take time to rank the highly relevant pages. They take days to index them. This further may take from months to years to build enough credibility to compete for the most valuable phrases.

• Durability

The SEO and social media both are completely different both in actions and efforts. Within minutes of creating and posting the content, you find the most visibility and traffic on your website. Social media requires a continuous and ongoing effort if you want a quick response. Once a page is ranking, you may receive durable visibility and a passive source of visitors. The search engine is responsible for organic traffic, which is endured for weeks and months. It all depends on the phrase and the pages.

• Measurement

Measurement is necessary for both social media marketing agency and SEO. Google Analytics is one of the main concerns in order to win more and more traffic. It is easy to measure social engagement but how to measure reach and impressions. Each social media network has its own way to define the reporting. Bit, it is hard to measure reach, visibility, and traffic of all social activity.

On the other hand, it is also easy to measure the reach but difficult to measure the engagement in SEO. The total visibility and traffic from search are in your report, which presents impressions, keyphrases, and clicks. In addition, it is easy to check your rankings for every phrase but behavior metrics per keyword is difficult to find. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and track the results through Google Analytics.

Bottom Line

There can always be an ongoing comparison amongst these two in a digital marketing agency, which helps to boost your website’s traffic and visibility. It is hard to say which is better. Because both are capable in their own way and provide excellent website traffic and visibility.

So, you can utilize both but make sure you are using the right strategies to do them smartly. No matter what strategy you are using in digital marketing, it will be best to adapt what works best for your online presence.

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