A construction company leaves Westerwaldstraße in the Limburg suburb of the bridge. The affected residents are permanent.

Nothing works anymore: The residents in Westerwaldstraße in the Limburg suburb of Limburg were shocked to learn that the construction work, which had resulted in a full closure since February, had been interrupted by the construction company until the end of March. The full closure was originally planned until June. The section should now be completed much later.

Since Monday there has been a standstill between Wilbarger Strafe and Lichfieldbrücke. And the city was also surprised by this, as spokesman Johannes Lau Bach said on request: “We were not informed by the company in advance.” It was only on Monday morning that the specialist department was informed that the construction site would no longer be operated from now on. “When we asked later, the company said the site was closed to protect employees from the corona virus.”

The chairman of the board of Albert Weil AG, Klaus Roulette, confirms this. To protect the employees, work on all construction sites of his company had been stopped – and only until the end of March. “We will decide in the course of the next week whether it will be possible to work again afterwards or not. We will be driving on sight,” he says. The decision to protect employees from the virus had met with “overwhelming approval” from the customers concerned. He expected solidarity and not selfishness in these difficult times for everyone. “We will make a confident decision over the next week,” he says.

“Affected Residents Are Pissed Off”

“In unison, the many affected residents are pissed off,” says architect Hans Schmitt. He is directly affected with his company, HS Project GmbH, based in Westerwaldstraße in the middle of the closed section. “I do not accept Corona – on the one hand, work is done outside on the construction site (if work is done) and then only with the least amount of personnel,” says a letter from Schmitt’s to the Mayor and the First City Council and the parliamentary leaders of the CDU, SPD , FDP and Greens. “Our construction sites in and outside Limburg are all running – including civil engineering – our office operations also take place,” continues Schmitt. “It is all the more incomprehensible if – from a corona point of view – the optimal construction site situation in Westerwaldstrasse actually stagnates!”

However, the city sees little scope in the construction site standstill, which could possibly take several weeks and longer to change something. “We have to take note of the fact that the state authorities and we, as a city, keep calling for social contacts and the associated direct encounters to be kept to a minimum,” the city spokesman said. “Therefore, the behavior of the company to close the construction site is in line with the state’s requests to the Chancellor.”

According to the city, the construction site area of ​​Westerwaldstrasse has been prepared so that emergency services can drive to the houses and are generally within walking distance. In exceptional cases, it is even possible to drive to the property, just not to the property itself. “The effort to prepare the construction site so that it is available for public transport again is not justifiable,” Lau Bach continues. “It is not enough to provide any kind of gravel surface, traffic safety must be guaranteed in these cases – and that is not possible.”

However, the aim is to continue to guarantee the transport of the garbage cans from residents with restricted mobility to the collection point by the construction company.

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