Top 8 Programming Languages Trends To Watch In 2020

In today’s world of Emerging Technology, Programming Languages play a significant role as they are the base of every technology which is being used today like Smartphones, Laptops, VR Games, etc. Looking at the current situation of the market, now and then, there is a new language coming up every time with advanced features and ease of usage. We will now look at the Top 8 Programming Languages among them, which one should watch in 2020.  

Best Programming Languages

Let us take a look at what makes them the Top Programming Languages in 2020:

1. Python

Python has become the most powerful programming language in a short period after its release. It is mainly because it provides ease at implementing it for developing software. All Artificial Intelligence and Big Data firms are developing libraries in Python as well as using the built-in libraries to excel in innovation and technology. Python has some of the most important and striking features, making it an excellent choice for the trend right now.

  • It is easy to understand
  • Has a huge number of implementations more than any other language
  • Has a lot of explored as well as unexplored functions 

If you are looking to start programming, it is highly recommended.

2. Java

Java is the second programming language coming after Python that has a lot to explore in it. According to a study, there have been 9 Million Java Developers worldwide in the past two years. It is a combination of features of C and C++ along with some new ones.

It has a relatable syntax that matches C and C++ but has a broader range of functions to implement in software development.

  • Threading is one of the most liked features
  • Memory Model id another wanted feature
  • Presence of both Compiler and Interpreter.

Java is used for Android App Development. All the current Apps in the Play Store and Apple Store, most of them are built using Java.

3. C++

It is the language that started the Object-Oriented Programming and ended up making Java and Python, which are both used widely nowadays. All the current functions Java and Python are derived from C++ and build for use by programmers. It has a little advancement in terms of functions, then C. But looking at the Object-Oriented approach taken by Bjarne Stroustrup, the developer of C++ in building it had brought a revolution in Software Firm. Its significant features are:

  • Use in building Embedded System
  • VR Based App and Game Development
  • Enhanced level of Security of Data

Ebony Carson, who is the marketing manager at Technical Assignment Help, states, “If you wish to start with a basic language, C++ is the one for you.”

4. C

It is the basic language. It was the invention of this language which brought a revolution to Computer Engineers. Its invention motivated a lot of people to become Engineers and is still doing so. C, along with C++, is used to build the Python’s Libraries. It the basic brick for every person who wishes to make a career in Software Development. It is still rocking the Software firms with its simplicity. It has the following striking feature:

  • Simplicity in being a relatively LLL(Low-Level Language)
  • Basic features of Programming Language used for building up the logic of programming.
  • Embedded System Development.

If you wish to start from the beginning to enter Software Development, it is the one you should opt for learning.

5. Javascript

It is different from all the above-mentioned programming languages. It is used for Front-End Development will Python and Java are used for both Front and Back End Development, and C and C++ are used for Back-End Development. Though many Frameworks are coming up daily in the market, the popularity of Javascript is constantly increasing. It is what makes it a desirable language to learn in 2020. It has the following features:

  • Detection of User’s Browser
  • Template Literals
  • Greater Control than any other Front-End Language.

Start learning it if you wish to be a Front-End Developer.

6. Golang

It is a language born inside the worldwide used Search Engine and Advertising Company that is Google. Golang combines the simplicity of basic languages such as C and C++ and the robustness of high-level languages such as Python and Java. It makes it a powerful language to learn, especially if you are inspired and wish to work at Google. It has a lot of features to explore.

7. SQL

SQL is nothing but Structured Query Language used for working for Database. It is the most basic language developed for Database Management. It is used for almost all the basic Databases like SQL-DB, MySQL, SQLite, etc.

If you are a Computer Science Engineer wishing to have a career in Database Management, you should learn it first.

8. PHP

PHP is the second popular general-purpose scripting language used for Web Development after Javascript. It has all the basic as well as intermediate-to-advanced features of Front-End Development Language. It has the following features:

  • Platform Independent
  • Error Reporting
  • Interpreter and Fast

You can start by learning PHP to step in Web Development. So, these were the Top 8 Programming Language everybody Should watch-out and learn in 2020. Keep coming for more Information on Programming Languages.

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