Vow to The Veggies

A vegetarian diet is a diet where one has to refrain from eating meat and fish but can continue to eat dairy products and eggs.  Human mechanism does not ask for any sort of protein, fiber and other nutrients that plants cannot provide. A healthy human being does not need any animal protein. One of the many reasons why people are becoming more and more fond of a vegetarian diet is because this habit allows one to consume fresh and healthy plant-based foods that provide fiber and antioxidants. A meat free diet also allows one to become more active and help make healthy choices in general.


A vegetarian diet is super beneficial for those who want to change their body as well as mindscapes. I’ll provide a short list for you guys just to show what vegetables are capable of. 

  • Jumping into a vegetarian diet helps one lose both kilos and inches. So if you’re trying to become more healthy, green veggies are a great option.
  • If you stick to a vegetarian diet, you might actually be safe from type-2 diabetes. 
  • Vegetarian diet helps in cholesterol management. 
  • People who follow a pure vegetarian diet, are not likely  to have any cardiovascular diseases. 
  • For vegetarians, the chances of having cancer is remarkably low.

Well, this does not act like magic. This diet pattern has its own pros and cons. People also have to get used to certain habits that will boost their metabolism over time and keep them healthy in the long run. They are:

  1. Calorie measurement, which is very important. 
  2. Drinking a lot of water. 
  3. Regular exercising. 
  4. Shuffling between various vegetables, fruits and grains. 
  5. To avoid smoking and drinking.
  6. Staying away from unhealthy junk food and added sugar.


Nowadays, a huge number of younger people are adapting to a vegetarian diet not only because it is super nutritious and keeps health issues at bay, but also because vegetables are delicious if cooked rightly. Last year I was in Noida and was craving some Rajma chawal (curried kidney beans and rice), so I went to a place that was purely vegetarian. The food that they offered was out of the world! It was so yummy! There are lots of pure vegetarian restaurants in Noida where you can lay your hands on some mouthwatering dishes. 


A pure vegetarian diet is more than eating roots and plants. It’s a lifestyle which ensures better health, both physical and psychological and also enables one to go further and beyond. Vegetarians practice this lifestyle probably because, 

  • With this practice come a lot of health benefits. 
  • It is an option that is more ecologically sustainable.
  • They do not support the treatment the animals receive in farms and slaughterhouses.

Some people also refrain from eating meat and animal products because of their religious beliefs and practices. A vegetarian diet also causes less harm to the environment compared to a meat or fish-based diet & you can share a diet chart & write for us here.


Here are some tips how you can get started with a vegetarian diet. 

  • Learn about nutrients and how to incorporate them into your meals. There are tons of meal plans on the internet, so go check them out. 
  • Focus on the variety. Don’t just stick to plants. For better results, add pulses and grains to your diet.
  • Do not jumpstart, consider growing gradually. 
  • Start this new journey with familiar dishes and keep adding new ones with time. 
  • Follow vegetarian websites for recipes and their benefits. Consult a nutritionist or dietitian if required. 

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