Why You Should Choose Sports?

Sports are one of the top priority of people these days. There are many people who love sports and make it a part of their life. It is because of the benefits that we will discuss below.

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1. Sport Makes You Happy

When in motion, the body releases hormones that put you in a cozy mood. During very long strains over several hours, these endorphins can even lead to a kind of ecstasy, the so-called Runner’s High. Sport also makes you happy because it strengthens the “self-efficacy expectation”, that is, the feeling of being able to master challenges.

2. Sport Burns Fat

Ten minutes of jogging is better than ten minutes on the sofa – for fitness and losing weight. The fat burning starts shortly after the start and increases continuously. After 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise, fats provide most of the energy. Anyone who does 60 to 90 minutes of exercise three to four times a week, depending on their body weight and sport, consumes around 2,000 calories more than a couch potato. The further back the last meal, the earlier the body accesses the fat reserves while moving. Those who want to lose weight take advantage of this effect. And another tip, In the first hour after exercising, only drink water or unsweetened tea. The body then burns calories even more, although you may have been lying comfortably on the sofa for a long time.

3. Exercise Counteracts High Blood Pressure

It seems paradoxical: exercise drives blood pressure up. Nevertheless, it is an effective remedy for high pressure. Think of the bloodstream as a system of tubes: when you move, the pressure inside it increases. Then it falls off again. Because the vessels are still far away from the strain, the heart pumps against less resistance. This hypotensive effect lasts for hours, sometimes up to a day. With moderate daily endurance sports, people with mild hypertension can reach almost normal values.

4. Sport Makes Muscles

Anyone who starts a fitness program will notice how the body changes after a few weeks: the pads on the hips shrink, the muscles on the arms and legs become firmer and bigger. This is good because muscles have a higher metabolism than fat. Muscular people, therefore, consume more calories – not only during exercise but also at rest. And not quite a few: every kilogram of muscle mass consumes around 25 calories more energy per day than a kilo of body fat. Extrapolated to one month, this corresponds to 750 calories, to 9165 calories per year. Seen in this way, sport helps to cut a good figure.

5. Sport Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

If you exercise little, your body stores the excess food. At some point, the energy tanks in the muscle cells are full, more sugar molecules can no longer be absorbed. This can lead to a chronically elevated blood sugar level. Exercise will burn calories, improve the transport of glucose into cells, and return blood sugar levels to normal.


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